Fast Facts

What services does Milestone provide?

Services include Outpatient Treatment, Comprehensive Clinical Services, comprehensive Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services, Day Programming, Residential Programs, Home-based Services, Vocational Training & Packaging Services, Case Management, a client Drop-in Center, and Specialized Deaf Services.

In addition, Milestone's Health Care Quality Units provide expert clinical training to professionals in the fields of Intellectual Disabiltiy and Behavioral Health, in 18 Western PA counties. Through the training of these providers, Milestone sets the standard for care in Western Pennsylvania. The Health Care Quality Units offices are located in Butler and Warren.
To see the complete list of counties served, please see the Service Area Map.


What steps do I need to take to get services through Milestone?

Eligibility criteria differ between programs and services. For:

  • Milestone Behavioral Health Services Intake office
  • Information on services available
  • General inquires

Please call Milestone at 412-243-3400.

Additional resources and information for referrals for Milestone Intellectual and Developmental Disability services can be found at the Allegheny County Department of Human Services Office of Intellectual Disability:



How do I get my own Service Coordinator?

Milestone offers both community-based and office-based service coordination for adults and children. Eligibility and referral requirements differ between the levels of service. For more information on eligibility and referral requirements, contact either:
Michelle Campbell at 412-243-3400, ext. 370


What type of insurance do you need in order to use Milestone services?

Milestone accepts Medicare, Medicaid, Waiver, and most major insurance plans. Milestone also utilizes a sliding fee scale for individuals who do not have insurance. Individuals with reduced or no income may be eligible to receive services without any out-of-pocket costs. More information here.


Who do I contact to make an appointment with a therapist?

Clients who wish to initiate therapy services can contact the Intake Department at 412-243-3400. Clients who are currently active in therapy services and need to change, cancel, or reschedule their appointment can call the office in which they are seen for therapy and Milestone’s friendly support staff will assist them.


Who do I contact for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) assistance?

Individuals can visit their local Social Security Administration office, call toll-free 1-800-772-1213, or talk with their treating clinician/staff member who can refer them to internal staff who can provide direct assistance.


Who do I contact for Respite Care Services?

For Child Behavioral Health Respite Services:  412-731-9707, ext. 238.

For Adult/Child Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Respite Services: 412-371-7391 or 412-673-2422.


Who do I contact for Coffee House?

Coffee House is a social event program for developmental disability clients, held at Milestone's Lawrenceville and Monroeville locations. Call Larry Pollastrini, Community Service Coordinator, at 412-371-7391, ext. 106 for more information.


Who do I contact about getting someone into a Group Home?

Mental Health Residential Program: Dave Gigliotti, Director of Mental Health Rehabilitation, 412-243-3400, ext. 365.

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Residential Program: Stacey Dowden, Director of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services, 412-374-9052.


How do I become a Life-Sharing Family?

For Life-Sharing, please call Christy Markel, Assistant Director of Community Residential Services:  412-371-7391, ext. 146


Can I receive help paying my utility bills?

Milestone maintains limited funding to assist clients in emergency situations once all community resources have been exhausted. For more information, please call 412-371-7391, ext. 346


Who do I contact regarding WRAP-Around Services? 

Call 412-731-9707, ext. 207, for information.


Where is the Milestone Food Bank located; what are the hours; am I qualified?

Located at 611 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, the food bank is a component of the Chain of Hope Drop-In Center. Hours are each Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Persons who receive services from Milestone or any other social service provider in the area are eligible to participate.