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Beyond Silence: Stories of Recovery from Mental Illness

The National Council for Behavioral Health presents "Beyond Silence", a moving Be Vocal documentary executive produced by Demi Lovato. This short film follows Jeff, Lauren and Lloyd, three very different people who share one common experience— their lives have been transformed by speaking up. The film chronicles their efforts to live well and break through the silence often associated with mental illness. Watch "Beyond Silence" now.

Pennsylvania takes step forward in national mental health rankings

Pennsylvania has risen six spots to number nine in Mental Health America's latest annual U.S. rankings on the state of the nation's care for those with behavioral health challenges. Read the story from

Parent-Led Treatment Helps Kids With Autism, Researchers Find

British researchers report that a simple treatment known to help parents interact better with very young children with autism pays off years later. Get the story now from NBC News.

School Nurses Can Be Mental Health 'Detectives', But They Need Help

School nurses can be on the front lines of identifying mental health needs in children. Find out more in this story from NPR.

Report: Police departments need mental health programs

A U.S. Justice Department report urges police chiefs around the country to put mental health programs in place to help officers cope with on-the-job trauma, including the aftermath of mass shootings. 
Read about it here.