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Bullying alters brain structure, raises risk of mental health problems

A study reveals that childhood bullying has effects on mental health, and it can lead to significant costs for individuals, their families, and society at large. Learn more in this story from Medical News Today.

Five Tips For Getting Through Finals Week Without Killing Your Mental Health

While the "cramming for finals" craze is inevitable, there are still some things you can do to ensure that while you’re studying your butt off, you’re not kicking your mental health to the curb. Learn more in this story from

The New Emphasis on Mental Health in the Workplace

Your workplace can play a significant role in your mental health. Learn more about improving mental health at work. Read the article.

How To Create A Workplace That Supports Mental Health

Even though mental health can often be a taboo topic, especially in the workplace, most employees want their employer to champion mental health and well-being. Learn more in this story from

How to talk about mental health with your struggling friends or family

Talking about illness doesn’t magically make it go away, but just knowing they can open up to someone can give people relief – and it's hard than you think to get the conversation wrong. Learn more.