Day Programs

Community Participation Supports Programs

Available in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood and in Monroeville, PA, Milestone’s Community Participation Supports Program assists adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in becoming as independent as possible. Focus is placed on useful skills that enable the practice of basic safety rules and community awareness. This highly individualized, planned and coordinated process with trained professionals. Activities include art, music, exercise, field trips. LEARN MORE


Senior Services: New Horizon and Garden City Senior Centers

New Horizon (Penn Hills) and Garden City (Monroeville) are day programs for seniors. Both are dual-licensed older adult living centers and adult training facilities. The Centers are available to anyone with aging issues regardless of chronological age. LEARN MORE

Packaging Services & Vocational Training

Through Vocational Training, Milestone clients receive on-the-job training through different packaging assignments contracted from community businesses. The vocational education is designed to promote community employment, personal and team success, safety and professionalism. LEARN MORE

  • For the latest news from Milestone's Prevocational Enterprise Program, read the latest issues of "The Enterpriser" newsletter, right here. 

Yough Adventure Program

The Yough Adventure Program teaches clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities outdoor skills, such as gardening, life skills, responsibility and teamwork. LEARN MORE


For more information about these programs and to schedule a tour, please contact:
Aubrey Fraser,
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Admissions and Discharge Specialist

412-374-9052, ext. 601
Email Aubrey

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Additional resources and information for referrals for Milestone Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services can be found at the Allegheny County Department of Human Services Office of Intellectual Disability: 412-253-1250