Milestone offers three levels of residential care for our behavioral health clients.

Enhanced Supportive Care

  • Provides an independent living setting for clients, staffed by Milestone Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
  • Clients live in one and two bedroom apartments located throughout Wilkinsburg. 
  • Clients that have transitioned to this level of care have demonstrated the ability to maintain themselves in the community with limited supports.

Full Care

  • Full care residential services provide 24-hour supervision and assistance by Milestone Residential Advisors trained in behavioral health and medical issues. 
  • Milestone helps new clients find comfortable homes and compatible housemates in neighborhood settings. 
  • Transportation is provided for work, leisure, health care, shopping and social activities. 
  • Resident Advisors assist clients with meal preparation, self-care skills and work on specific skill development areas.

Moderate Care

  • Program offers community apartments to persons who are hearing and hard of hearing. 
  • As needed, staff visit residents in their apartments as well as in the staff office. 
  • Level of care is determined by the individualized goal plans.  Individuals in this program do not require the full-time availability of staff but do benefit from regular assistance with their activities. 
  • Many in this program move on to independent living.


For more information about Milestone Residential Services, please call 412-374-9052, ext. 611.