Health Care Home

The Health Care Home Project serves adults that are actively receiving behavioral health services at Milestone by providing physical wellness initiatives.

  • Milestone collaborates with Squirrel Hill Health Center to bring primary health care services to Milestone’s clients. A Squirrel Hill Health Center physician provides health care via a mobile medical unit that visits Milestone’s Wilkinsburg and Penn Center locations.
  • The project goals are to make health care more accessible and demonstrate that early prevention and intervention will reduce the occurrence of serious physical illness. 

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Health Care Home Project services:

  • Comprehensive Primary Health Care.
  • FREE Health and Wellness Education, including referrals for dental, vision and specialized care.
  • Assistance with applying for health insurance and community resources.
  • Specialized assistance for persons who are deaf and hard of hearing.



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Do you have to be a Milestone client?

Yes, you must be a Milestone client with a serious or persistent behavioral health challenges to receive primary care services.  However, the Health Care Home Project Wellness Program is available to anyone in the community.  The Wellness Program includes services provided by the Health Care Home Project such as health education groups, smoking cessation classes, and healthy eating courses.  The Wellness Services are located at both Health Care Home Project locations in Wilkinsburg and Penn Center.

Does it cost anything?

No. Your health insurance is billed for all the services.  If you do not have insurance, you may qualify for reduced rates, so please inquire.

For additional information, please contact the Health Care Home Project at:
412-371-7391 ext. 117.