Direct Support Professional of the Month

We are excited to feature one exceptional Direct Support Professional each month. Direct Support Professionals fill an essential, challenging role as the front lines of support. We want to take the time to showcase and appreciate some amazing DSPs in our nine counties. 


July 2019 - Crawford County

Rebecca Smith of The Arc of Crawford County has been selected as July's Direct Support Professional of the month.

Rebecca has been at the Arc for 18 years. The following was shared with us about her excellent service by her supervisors, which made it easy to select her as our nominated DSP for the month of July.

Rebecca Smith (Becky) is always kind and helpful to all and goes the extra mile to organize or help with activities that enhance the lives of the people served at The Arc. She uses her contacts in the community to help the activity work out well, such as a BINGO session at a local church hall or donations of food, prizes, and decorations for Holiday dinners. She has the knack of getting other staff and consumers involved as well.

Supervisors considered Rebecca’s exceptional dedication going above and beyond as they relayed to us her attention to details. For approximately 15 years, she has been decorating and preparing for The Arc’s Holiday Dinners. She always brings in beautiful table decorations from her home to add that special touch to the occasion. Becky and one of the people she supports are usually the two to start the front window decorations and the Christmas tree. As they begin, she is very inclusive in getting others to participate in the decorating fun. Becky was chosen for the same, memorable, reasons that made her the recipient for the most ACE (Arc Caring Employee) award last year.

When asked "what is the best part of your job?” Rebecca replied "Because I am happy to work with our clients who are versatile and very talented people in many ways." 

Thank you, Rebecca Smith, for your exceptional service. 


June 2019 - Beaver County

Donald Redmond of Beaver County HAP Enterprises, Inc. has been selected as June's Direct Support Professional of the month.

Donald Redmond has been at the HAP Enterprises for 19 years. The following was shared with us about his excellent service by his supervisors, which made it easy to select him as our nominated DSP for the month of June. 

Donald exemplifies all the qualities of a great DSP. He supports the individuals he works with while promoting their independence and providing excellent care. He is always willing to step up and take on additional responsibilities whenever needed. He often works extra hours to ensure those he supports have consistency. Don is a helpful, loyal staff member and the individuals are well served when he is working.

Supervisors recognized Donald Redmond for this honor saying “While we have several outstanding long-term staff at HAP, Don was selected because of his commitment to the individuals he serves and his willingness to contribute to the HAP team.

When asked "what is the best part of your job?” Don replied "There’s a good feeling inside. It’s a job that really matters and can make great friends." 

Thank you, Donald Redmond, for your exceptional service. 


May 2019 - Lawrence County

Kelli Stunkard of Lawrence County Assocition for Responsible Care has been selected as May's Direct Support Professional of the month.

Kelli Stunkard has been at LCARC for 22 years and 6 months. The following was shared with us about her excellent service by her supervisors, which made it easy to select her as our nominated DSP for the month of May.

Kelli demonstrates extraordinary commitment to the indivduals served by LCARC. She acts selflessly and effortlessly to provide the highest level of service. Acting as an advocate to promote individuals to exercise their rights, to ensure excellent health, safety, and welfare are an integral part of her everyday work ethic. 

 Kelli takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support to new staff, as she lives out an exemplary role model, placing the needs of individuals and the Agency in the forefront. 

She so often goes above and beyond that it is actually more of a norm than an exception for Kelli. She willingly drops what she is doing on her time off to meet the needs of the individuals without being asked. 

When we asked for nominations, "Kelli immediately came to mind" said Supervisors. Kelli epitomizes every quality an excellent DSP should have. She is reliable, honest, caring, selfless, professional, friendly, supportive of co-workers, well-informed, and dedicated. 

Kelli shared that the best part of her job is "I like the people that I support and the teamwork it takes to do it. I enjoy the challenge."

Thank you, Kelli Stunkard, for your superb service. 


April 2019 - Butler County

Gerald (Jerry) Bowlin of the Arc of Butler County has been selected as April's Direct Support Professional of the month.

Jerry BowlinJerry Bowlin has been at the Arc of Butler County since March 2017. The following was shared with us about his excellent service by his supervisors, which made it easy to select him as our nominated DSP for the month of April.

Jerry Bowlin consistently and effortlessly puts the needs of the individual's first, focusing on maximizing their independence, ensuring that rights are upheld at all times, that they have choice and that they remain a valuable member of our community. He models for other staff what it means to provide quality and meaningful support to those in need, which in turn promotes consistency in care and dependability. 

Jerry excels at going above and beyond, whether it is picking up additional hours when requested to ensure a safe and productive work environment to doing favors for other homes if they are unable, he promotes teamwork and a welcoming       atmosphere to his co-workers. 

He is a source of positivity and encouragement for the individuals he supports and he's made it his mission to ensure that those individuals are comfortable and happy in their home. Jerry is respected at all of the homes he has worked in which speaks volumes about his character and his dedication to this field. 

Jerry exemplifies what it means to provide assistance to someone while upholding dignity and respect, providing choice, increasing independence and encouraging someone to live their best life through his attitude, actions, and behavior. The Arc is so very happy to have the opportunity to nominate this gentleman and commend him for the amazing work he has done! 

When asked "what is the best part of your job?", Jerry replied "being with clients, having a good time with them everyday." 

Thank you, Jerry Bowlin, for your exceptional service.